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What Does “Frogbeater” Mean?
I Live in Los Angeles. I like it there. My background consists of a structured education in Engineering, Theoretical Linguistics, Science, Art, Computer Programming and Business along with practical experience in Fabrication, Design, Nonordinary Reality, Experiential Narrative, Venture Capital, Counterfeiting and Breathing.  I like making things, from large scale sculptures designed to awe with their size, to small scale pieces intended to memorialize moments of connectedness, but regardless always seeking to remind us of our humanity and the absurd beauty of being alive.
When I was young I would ask german speakers to translate my last name “Froschauer” into english. I would get various responses, but they generally fell into things like “Frog Hill” or “Frog Farmer” or “Frog Meadow.” Until one day someone responded with “I think you are certainly missing a letter, but one way it could be said is ‘One who hits the frog on the head, like a frog beater.’” That was the last person I asked. There was a time that it occured to me that it might have something to do with a war between the French and the Germans, but after some simple research, there is no history of the Germans referring to the French as frogs. So now the most common response I give is that beating frogs is a public service to them, they have needs and don’t judge them.
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